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Western Australia: Postcards
"Promenade, Jetty and Esplanade, Geraldton, W.A." b&w photographic card from E. Snell series. A fresh, fine used example with Geraldton cds for 17 …
"Public Buildings, Geraldton, W.A." framed b&w photographic card were printed in England for E. Snell Geraldton. Front is good but cracked top left…
"Public Buildings, Kalgoorlie" published by the Austral Stores, Perth. Unused b&w photographic. Fine cond.
"Public Hospital, Fremantle, W.A." Falk coloured unused card c1910. VG cond.
"Queen's Church, Boulder, WA" with "Orr's Emporium in bottom frame with photo by HH Grose. Part Boulder cds but stamp roughly removed & some staini…
"Quindalup Beach, Near Busselton, WA" framed Falk in colour. Fine unused with very slight yellowing on front. c1910 card not often seen.
"Racecourse, Boulder City" fine unused Falk & Co Ltd b&w photographic card. A little corner damage. Unlisted & c1910.
"Richmond Hill and Rocky Bay, Fremantle, W.A." with "Made Expressly for Fremantle News Agents Association" on reverse. Fine unused.
"Shipping Railway Jetty, Geraldton, W.A." E. Snell b&w printed in England. Used from Geraldton with 1908 cds & addressed to England. Some corner we…
"Spare Moments with the 34th Battery Guildford W. Aus 4-10-17" b&w unused photographic card. Large group of 40-50 uniformed men posing prior to a m…
"The Back Beach Bunbury" b&w card from the H+B series in exc cond. "Bunbury 20.4.11" in pencil on reverse.
"The Lakes, Rottnest, W.A." from H&B series. Framed & in colour. Used from Perth 12 MAR 12 to England. Good cond with Rottnest cards hard to find.
"The oldest Anglican Church in WA Busselton" b&w with blue sky card published by Bon Marche Stores Hay St, Perth. Fine used 1d swan stamp cancelled…
"This is a group of our Rifle Club members… " "Hopetoun 7/3/08" in message on reverse of this untitled b&w card with crisp Hopetoun WA 3b cds's f…
"Totalisator, Kalgoorlie Racecourse, WA" Falk & Co Ltd b&w photographic card with wide white border. A lovely aerial shot of crowd & track c1910. V…
"Town Hall, Boulder City, W.A." Nathan b&w photographic card with 1d swan tied by Subiaco 2 OC 03 cds. Light stain on front but frontally good.
"Town Hall, Geraldton" published in colour by E. Snell, Geraldton. Neat Geraldton 10 OCT 1910 cds & addressed to North Perth. Good cond.
"Tunnel on Coal Seam Upper Irwin River" with "Govt Litho, Perth" at base of this b&w card. Fine unused cond & rarely seen.
"View from Lighthouse Hill, Bunbury". Fine unused b&w H+B card. c1910
"View of Cue, Murchison Goldfields". Fine b&w photographic card with divided back. Publisher not evident. Good unused cond. Aerial shot c1910
"View of Harvey and Orange Orchard, Western Australia" published by A.B. Gloster, Harvey. Framed coloured card used to Devonport, Tasmania but stam…
"Wesley Church, Bunbury, WA" coloured card from "H.B. Albert & Co, Booksellers etc. Bunbury". VG cond.
"Western Australia: A Good Crop, Kellerberrin." colour from the Celesque series. Fine unused cond. The only ppc from Kellerberrin we have ever offe…
"Wheat Farming, York, Western Australia" published by Western Australian Govt Agency, Melbourne. Light corner crease lower right otherwise good unu…
"Wheat Field at Katanning, W.A." framed colour Falk card with small message in ink on back. Good cond.
"Where are the Jarrahdale Boys?!! In Camp Forrest Park Bunbury WA" C.J. Rooney photo showing informal group of 9 men, 6 in uniform, 3 in civvies ou…
"With the 12th 2nd Pioneer Perth Engineers W. Aus 3-7-17" slightly faded b&w Kodak card with a group of approx. 40 uniformed men ready for a meal. …
"Young Horses Newmarracarra Estate, Geraldton" with "Govt Litho, Perth" at base. Pressure marks from old time album on each corner otherwise fine. …
1905/10c b&w & colour incl Kalgoorlie, Fremantle, Perth, Subiaco, Bunbury, Albany, Day Dawn & others. Most are used with the Kalgoorlie/Boulder fea…
1917 "Trans Australian Railway" sepia/brown postcards with one used featuring "Wirrappa Reservoir" & the other "Sand Hill in Ooldea District". Both…
1917 Trans-Australian Railway b&w Postcards from Rose Series showing "Lounge Car", "Dining Car", "Cave, Nullarbor Plain" & "Cairn on Border of Sout…
1917 Trans-Australian Railway b&w Postcards from Rose Series showing "Observation Car for Public Hire", "Packing Timber During Construction of Line…
Aboriginals along the Trans-Australian Railway Line. "Rose Series" Nos. W7-11 b&w featuring Inma Dancers, Wild Harry (corner crease), Charlie, King…
Gunners & their artillery piece b&w Kodak photographic card with "F.G. Murphy photo… Perth" pencilled on back. VG cond.
Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie, W.A." showing a crowd of over 600 people all formally dressed with "Hannans Street on eight hours day" pencilled on reve…
Local church with neighbouring house in this untitled b&w Kodak photographic postcard by Austral with "Sunshine Print, Vecchia's Pharmacy Geraldton…
Military bands b&w photographic cards without captions with "Scotch-man 88th band 1917" in pencil on back with "Copies of this photo can be had at …
Military camp b&w photographic b&w cards with Westral Trade mark. All show camp scenes with large numbers of well-aligned tents or small groups of …
Public buildings on Marine Tce, Geraldton shown on this untitled b&w photographic card from the Snell series & photographed by WH Kretchmar, Fingal…
Western Australia 1970's-1990's colour range showing both Perth & Fremantle plus various WA country town. Odd earlier b&w incl 3 from Geraldton. Ma…
Western Australia featuring aborigines comprising Falk & Co hand tinted colour x 5 & b&w x 11 comprising Falk & Co x 3 with one is used), Rose Seri…
Miscellaneous: Kangaroos
1911 Stamp Design Competition. One of two designs submitted by "Wattle Blossoms", the nom-de-plume for this artist, one of the 533 entrants into th…
1911 Stamp Design Competition. Similar to the lot above also submitted by "Wattle Blossoms" with "Design No. 2" at base of block mounted frame. Sam…
1913 1st wmk ½d green good to fine used block of 8 perfined small "OS" cancelled Pt Pirie. "Two notches in right frame" & "Excess colour in bottom…
1913 1st wmk ½d green lower right marginal pair MUH (hinged selvedge) & single MUH (slight, even toning) plus "defective ST…" on left unit of us…
1913 1st wmk ½d green to 1/-emerald short set of 10. 4d & 1/- have light creases with centring generally fine. MVLH to MH but fresh. ACSC Cat. $18…
1913 1st wmk ½d green to 1/-emerald short set of 10. MVLH/MLH. Very nice centring. Total ACSC cat. value is $1860. (10) (see plate 2)
1913 1st wmk ½d green lower marginal block of 6 with all perforation rows double perforated both horizontally & vertically. Also has "white scratc…
1913 1st wmk ½d green coil pair with join & inverted wmk. MUH ACSC 1a Cat. $550 (see plate 3)
1913 1st wmk ½d green & 2d grey MUH. Each has small tone spot hence low but bargain reserve. ACSC 1A & 5A Cat. $220


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