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Lot Discounts

The following lots have been discounted by the vendor, and are available first-come first-served at the discounted price.

Please contact us to purchase a lot. Thank you.

Lot No Description Estimate Available Discount
63Range of 1920's-1930's British published literature incl "Ships on Stamps" by Rowland Hill (c 1935), "Stamps with a Story" By GJ Matson (…$80$6025%
91Canada QV-QEII mainly used on leaves with QV vals to 10¢, a few KEVII & KGV incl 1927 Anniv set of 9, 1928/29 to $1 (8¢ MLH) & 1930/31 …$80$7210%
102Croatia 2016 Yearpack with 29 issues all MUH. SG STC £88$30$2710%
111Faroe Is 1975-2004 MUH on stockpages with 1975-1988 & 1995-1999 complete. Solid range of other sets from 1989-1994 incl M/S's plus a usef…$250$22510%
120Ghana, Gibraltar, Gilbert & Ellice MLH on leaves in medium Rapkin springback. Ghana 1963 to 1967 incl M/S's, Gibraltar 1960/62 to £1 wit…$75$67.510%
137Iceland 1925-1956 range on Hagner incl 1925 Views MLH (tanned gum from stockbook storage), 1930 Millenary to 40a & Airmail all with Offic…$280$25210%
187Russia 1963-1974 "sports" on leaves incl 1964 Tokyo M/S in green (SG MS3024c, Cat. £425 as MUH) & other M/S's plus imperfs etc. A clean …$150$13510%
210USA 1991 booklets duplicated with 1991 $2.90 Olympics x 5, $3.80 balloon x 2, $5.80 Desert Storm, $5.80 Space Exploration x 2, Christmas …$100$9010%
232Great Britain-Channel Islands & IOM plus Ireland. Majority between the 1960's & 1970's.$50$4020%
238Canada. Strong in 1960's-1970's with defins to $2, a few PD's & bag of used.$40$3220%
259British Africa Incls Kenya 1966 to 5/- (excl 1/50) MLH, KUT 1903/04 2R (no gum), Nyasaland 4/- KGV script wmk (toned gum), Sierra Leone 1…$60$4820%
292British West Indies Range on stockcards with British Guiana 1882 1¢ "Specimen" perfin used, British Virgins 1962 $1.40 MLH, $2.80 MUH, D…$60$4820%
293British West Indies Range with Br. Virgin Is 1922/28 5/- script MLH, Dominica 1921/22 2/6d script, MLH (SG 70), Jamaica 1912/20 2/- KGV M…$30$2420%
321Postcards Various noting GB QV with 4 used & 3 unused, b/w unused circa KGVI "RGA Firing Salutes" (pencil price £40 on addressed side) &…$50$4020%
327Kangaroos Used group with 3d perfined large "OS", 4d perf "OS/NSW", 6d perf "OS" (Sm Mult), normal 6d (2 ultra & 3 chestnut), 9d (2 pairs…$25$22.510%
333Kangaroos Small MLH group with ½d green, 3rd wmk 2½d indigo, 3d olive Die I & 6d milky blue & CofA 6d & 2/- type B with latter 2 MUH. V…$100$9010%
340KGV 1d green, single wmk, MUH/MLH annotated variety accumulation with some duplication noting block of 4 (MLH, light crease) with "ferns"…$200$15025%
357KGV 1½d brown single wmk with 2 pairs incl 1 with inverted wmk (Cat. $150), 2 singles one with "no top to crown" & Large Mult Wmk with 2…$60$4820%
361KGV 1½d red brown Die II Small Mult Wmk in 3 blocks of four with (i) plate 3 top right corner block ACSC 93(3)z, Cat. $70, MLH crease, (…$60$4820%
363KGV 3d blue single wmk MUH example (off centre), MLH well centred (light even gum toning), a "dry ink" variety MLH but off centre & fluff…$100$8020%
3761931-1965 in Seven Seas standard album. Very mixed cond & missing major items but the following are all present fine used; 4d & 5d kangar…$50$4510%
3801952-1957 MUH singles &/or blocks of 4 plus FDC's for most issues of this period presented on black pages. Noted 1956 3/6d booklet with w…$120$10810%
449Cocos (Keeling) Is 1963-1993 on Seven Seas Hingeless pages in binder. Complete MUH to 1993 barr 1990/91 provisionals & Official but incls…$180$16210%
503Amon, Chris; Brookes, Tony; Davis, Sammy; Graffenried, Toulo; Fairman, Jack; Ganley, Howden & Mathieson, Taso. All boldly signed on indiv…$150$13510%
504Fewster, Danian & Wallan, Dave signature on 1983 30c Americas Cup PSE. Both yachtsman on 1983 Australia II with bowman Damian Fewster hav…$20$1810%
517Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue for Postage Dues (1999) in 4 ring binder system. Complete Section 10 as published. Exc cond.$25$22.510%
548Trade Cards featuring cars & trucks. All fine & in colour presented in photo album. (208)$20$1620%
5611878 Telegraph Stamp Master Die Proof without value in black on highly surfaced card (92x61mm) & handstamped "Dec 21, 1878 BEFORE HARDENI…$1200$108010%
5991903 (20th July) £100 receipt from "Dr to The Social Kodak" with one penny Internal Revenue in good cond plus 1d postally used pair on p…$20$1525%
6271947/48 The Hospital Benefits Fund of WA contribution book in very good cond with 40 x 6d green The Metropolitan Hospitals Benefit Fund R…$1000$75025%
6411913 1st Watermark 2d grey, plate 2, perfined large "OS" showing "scratch under "P" of POSTAGE" variety. Fresh MUH & well centered. ACSC …$500$45010%
6421913 1st Watermark 5d chestnut MLH plus 3d pale olive green MLH but light bends & couple of flat perfs at right. ACSC 16A, Cat. $225 & AC…$75$6020%
6451913 1st Watermark 9d violet. Fine mint, centred slightly low with light gum bend but strong colour. SG10, ACSC 24A, Cat. $175$30$2420%
6561915 2nd Watermark 2d grey. Centred to left, excellent perfs & fine MUH. ACSC 6A, Cat. $325$120$9620%
6591915 2nd Watermark 9d violet with bottom selvedge. Centred slightly to right but excellent perfs & MVLH. ACSC 25A, Cat. $350$150$12020%
6661915 2nd Watermark 2/- light brown. Centred slightly to left, MUH. SG 29, ACSC 36A, Cat. $8500 (see front cover)$3000$240020%
6691915 2nd Watermark 5/- deep grey & yellow with "Doubly printed frame plate" variety resulting in the second impression of the frame appea…$4500$405010%
6741915/28 3rd Watermark 3d olive shades x 3 all Die I. MLH (one with missing perf at base & thinned) plus a used pair. ACSC 13 (5)$20$1620%
6801915/28 3rd Watermark 1/- blue-green, Die IIB, top selvedge single perfined "OS". MUH but evenly toned gum & light horizontal bend (ACSC …$50$4020%
6841915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- deep brown. MVLH centred slightly to the right. ACSC 37D, Cat. $450$150$12020%
6851915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- maroon. MLH with a couple shortish perfs. ACSC 38, Cat. $200$60$4820%
7051929/30 Small Multiple Watermark £2 black & rose ovptd "SPECIMEN". Centered top left but fresh MUH. ACSC 57Ax, Cat. $1400$400$32020%
7171914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine-red G10 lower marginal strip of three with lower & right selvedge both affected by misaligned double …$750$60020%
7221914-20 Single Watermark 1d dark red G13 right selvedge pair, pane VIII positions 24 & 30. Pulled perf bottom right. MUH/MLH Cat. $150 as…$40$3220%
7241914-20 Single Watermark 1d reddish-pink G15 right selvedge vertical strip of 4 from pane VIII 12/18/24/30. Fine MUH. Cat. $900 as unplat…$350$28020%
7251914-20 Single Watermark 1d reddish-pink G15 semi-surfaced paper in right marginal block of 4 perfined "OS". 3 MUH & 1 MVLH, well centred…$400$32020%
7281914-20 Single Watermark 1d scarlet G17 CA monogram single from plate 4. MLH, three pulled perfs at left. ACSC 9(4), Cat. $300$75$6020%
7311914-20 Single Watermark 1d scarlet G17 with inverted wmk. Fresh MVLH. ACSC 719a, Cat. $60$30$2420%
7351914-20 Single Watermark 1d scarlet aniline G18 perfined "OS" right selvedge pane I positional block of 6. 1: 34, 35, 36/40, 41, 42 with …$350$28020%
7361914-20 Single Watermark 1d scarlet aniline perfined "OS" positional block of 4, pane VIIL 53 & 54/ 59 & 60 with "ferns" & "RA join" vari…$180$14420%
7371914-20 Single Watermark 1d scarlet aniline vertical pair pane V positions 1 & 6. MUH/MLH. ACSC 71z(3)d & e, Cat. $150 as singles$70$5620%
7401914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose G21 positional block of 4 with inverted wmk from pane 8 for 14, 15/20, 21. Small tone spot back of 20 ot…$180$14420%
7411914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose G21 positional pair pane VII 37 & 38 showing "neck flaw" variety. MLH. Cat. $95$35$2820%
7431914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose G21 positional pair, pane VI 23 & 24. MLH. Cat. $40 as unplated singles.$20$1620%
7451914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose carmine G22 pane V positional plate block of 6 for V 46-48 & 52-54. Bottom right rounded corner & small …$100$8020%
7471914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose carmine G22 with inverted wmk in positional plate block of 4. Pane VI 31, 32/37 & 38. MUH with light cre…$120$9620%
7501914-20 Single Watermark 1d brownish rose G23½ perfined "OS". Centered high right. MLH. Drury Cert. (2017) ACSC 71Mb.b Cat. $500$200$16020%
7521914-20 Single Watermark 1d pink G28 MLH, centred right. Drury cert. (2017) ACSC 71T, Cat. $300$100$8020%
7531914-20 Single Watermark 1d pink G28. MLH & better centred than previous two. Drury cert. (2017) ACSC 71T, Cat. $300$120$9620%
7541914-20 Single Watermark 1d pink G28. MLH. centred left. Drury cert. (2017) ACSC 71T, Cat. $300$100$8020%
7551914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose G30 pane 3 positional block of 4 pane VI 1, 3/7, 8 incl ACSC 71v(3)l. MUH/MLH. Stamp 7 with smal…$100$8020%
7561914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose G30 plate 2 bottom selvedge positional block of 8. Pane II for 41, 42/47, 48/52, 54/59 & 60. 54 …$120$9620%
7591914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose G30 plate I positional block of 15 overprinted "N.W. Pacific Islands". Pane I stamps 31-35/37-41…$100$8020%
7611914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose G30 plate I positional plate corner selvedge block of 6. Pane 2: 5, 6/11, 12/17, 18. MUH, centre…$100$8020%
7631914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose G30 x 2, both with inverted wmks incl VII 37 with "neck flaw" & VII 54 with "corner dot". MLH. C…$80$6420%
7671914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine red G31 ovptd "N.W. Pacific Islands." with "ferns" variety. MUH in a deep shade.$30$2420%
7741914-20 Single Watermark 1d rosine on rough paper G68. MLH, centred low right. Shortish perf lower right corner otherwise vibrant fresh c…$150$12020%
7751914-20 Single Watermark 1d rosine on rough paper G68. Unused with part original gum & centred low left. Drury cert. (2017). ACSC 72I, Ca…$100$8020%
7771914-20 Single Watermark 1d plum G71 on rough paper. MUH with little gum irregularities but lovely colour. Drury Cert. (2017) ACSC 72L Ca…$800$64020%
7781914-20 Single Watermark 1d plum G71 on rough paper. MLH & centred low left. Another scarce shade. Drury cert. (2017). ACSC 72L, Cat. $1500$300$24020%
7801914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose dry ink perfined "OS" positional plate block of 4 from pane V with 10 & 11/16 & 17. 1x MUH, 3x M…$1000$80020%
7881914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine-red SLP top right selvedge pair possibly pane VI, 5 + 6. MLH in selvedge only. Cat. $80 as unplated s…$40$3220%
7901914-20 Single Watermark 1d crimson, pane 8 with JBC monogram. MLH, centred right with "fluffy" perfs. A scarce stamp. Drury Cert. (2018)…$1000$80020%
7911914-20 Single Watermark 1d crimson "dry ink" pair perfined "OS". Centred left with a couple of very light gum bends. MLH in selvedge onl…$700$56020%
7971914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine on rough paper with "dry ink" & perfined "OS". Fine used with Brisbane cancel. Drury Cert. (2018). AC…$180$14420%
7981914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine on rough paper with "dry ink". Fine used with AU 25 1917 NSW cds. Drury Cert. (2018). ACSC 72Cc, Cat.…$180$14420%
7991914-20 Single Watermark 1d deep rosine on rough paper G70 perfined "OS". MLH, centred high right. A few ragged perfs. Drury cert. (2017)…$180$14420%
8011914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine pink Cooke shade fine used by Camperdown 18 FE 18 cds. ACSC 73A, Cat. $275$120$9620%
8021914-20 Single Watermark 1d pale carmine dry ink example perfined "OS". MLH. ACSC 74Cc, Cat. $750$200$16020%
8121914-20 Single Watermark 2d red perfined "OS" with "dry ink" variety. Good used with part Melbourne machine cancel. Drury Cert (2018). AC…$40$3220%
8151914-20 Single Watermark 4d blue, plate 2 with "thin FOUR PENCE retouched - late state" variety. MLH, centered low right. ACSC 112(2)rb, …$400$36010%
8201914-20 Single Watermark 5d chestnut SLP on rough paper perfined "OS" fine used by Elizabeth St Melbourne 25 Feb 1921 cds. Centred left. …$70$5620%
8241918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 ½d green, electro 6, CA monogram lower selvedge block of 8. The block is MUH but has creases & …$200$16020%
8251918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d carmine pink from 1918 Cooke printing G101. MUH, centred right with small black spot on back.…$350$28020%
8351918-20 Large Multiple Watermark 1d green vertical pair with bottom selvedge & 2 singles all perfined "OS" with "neck flaw" (ACSC 78(4)h)…$100$7525%
8361918-20 Large Multiple Watermark 1d green vertical pair with left selvedge for VII.31 & VII.37 perfined "OS". "Wattle line" & "neck flaw"…$60$4525%
8451924 No Watermark 1d green pane 5 positional block of 4 for 19, 20/25, 26. MUH Cat. $80$30$22.525%
8661926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 14 3d dull blue in type A/B marginal pair with right selvedge. MUH. ACSC 107c, Cat. $575$220$17620%
869 1931-36 CofA Watermark ½d orange to 5d chestnut complete set of 7 ovptd "OS". Fresh MLH with above average centring. SG O125/26 & O128/…$70$6310%
8801931-36 CofA Watermark 1/4d turquoise with "flattened cross of crown" variety. F/U with two light part circular cancels. ACSC 131f, Cat. $75$30$2420%
8821913 4d orange kangaroo, Die II, long Registered Letter envelope. Unused with some minor soiling/staining, torn flap & surface "scuffing"…$50$4020%
8961931 2d & 3d Kingsford Smith ovptd "OS". 3d with Plate 3 top right corner selvedge, which is thinned but stamp is fine. They appear to be…$200$16020%
9181951/52 2½d brown, 4½d & 6½d green KGVI in complete MUH sheets of 160. Fresh MUH folded down gutters. Incls 2 imprints per sheet & 4½…$100$9010%
9221954 3½d Telegraph Cent in complete MUH sheets of 80 from both A & B with "horiz line through top crossbar of pole" & "shading absent fr…$50$4510%
9371970 Capt. Cook M/S's x 93 incl 2 with the "double spear" variety (ACSC 528d, Cat. $35ea) & 19 ovptd ANPEX (with 2 consecutively numbered…$300$27010%
9441971 7c Sturts Desert Pea coil with missing buff & green resulting in leaves omitted. MUH ACSC 535cg Cat. $125$50$4510%
9451971 Christmas complete sheet of 100 on cream paper. Folded down gutter with some toning mainly on gutter & selvedges leaving stamps MUH.…$90$8110%
9491972 7c Christmas with "brown-red (Australia 7c) omitted" variety. Fine MUH & a scarce error. SG 530a Cat. £2750 (see front cover)$1500$135010%
9501973 1c Coral Shrimp strip of 4 with "Yellow omitted" on the 4th unit & largely omitted on adjoining unit. Fine MUH. A rarely seen er…$1200$108010%
9531977 18c Silver Jubilee imperforate marginal pair. MUH. ACSC 765a, Cat $200$75$67.510%
9541977 18¢ Silver Jubilee imperforate pair. ACSC states "one sheet (300?) existed imperforate from first (Sydney) printing, which is belie…$80$7210%
9551977 18c Silver Jubilee with superb offset variety of the blue and black. A popular error. MUH. ACSC 765c, Cat. $250$150$13510%
9581978 18c Kingsford Smith imperforate Plate Proofs on gummed paper comprising [1] cyan plate with magenta background & [2] magenta & c…$200$18010%
9621982 60c Humpback Whale trial printing with solid blue-green background with normal for comparison. MUH ACSC 930E(1), SG 841a Cat. £250$180$16210%
9681987 37c Wildlife se-tenant lower corner block of 10 totally imperforate at base between stamps & margin. Fresh MUH. ACSC 1218b, Cat. $4,…$1600$144010%
9691988 First Fleet re-enactment set of voyage covers. all signed by the "Captain" or "Master in Charge" plus an additional set unsigned. Th…$25$22.510%
9721992 $2.25 "Threatened Species" sheetlet of 5 with the "punch-hole at base" variety. ACSC 1567b, Cat $200$75$67.510%
9751995 $2.25 Koalas & Kangaroos sheetlet of 5 with the "punch-hole at base" variety. ACSC 1752b, Cat $150$60$5410%
9781997 Creatures of the Night S/A imperforate pair with "SNP CAMBEC" imprint on reverse. Unlisted in ACSC. Fine MUH cond.$75$67.510%
9812000 Victoria Cross set of 5 plus commem gutter strip & FDC with "For Valour Australians & the Victoria Cross" book produced by Aust Post…$25$22.510%
9822000 Sydney Olympic Games Prestige Stamp Album produced by AP with stamps incl Int Post issues, covers & maxicards covering all Olympic i…$30$2710%
9932005 Parrots, 2006 Queen's 80th Birthday & 2007 Botanic Gardens sheetlets from the respective AP Yearbook x 10 of each. MUH with a retail…$150$13510%
9942006 50c Commonwealth Games Stamp Ingots set of three in gold plate, 17.9 g silver & bronze in presentation wallet. No. 0464 of limited e…$20$1810%
9972007 Architecture/Landmarks Imperforate Miniature Sheets both MUH x 5, two with printers imprints. Retail $50 ea. (5)$40$3610%
9982008 Beijing Olympic Games AP collection with the Gold Medallists sheets of 10 plus the digitally printed pairs with Chinese characters. …$70$6310%
10022010 Mary Mackillop Canonisation boxed stamp & ½oz silver proof coin set. Produced by Perth Mint. Cost $89.95 & retails at $125$30$2710%
10142013 Kangaroo & Map stamp & Perth Mint coin set from the Colonial Heritage series. Cost $90 from AP. Exc cond.$50$4510%
10232017 "War in the Air - Rise of the Australian Flying Corps" limited edition sheetlet pres pack showing b&w photos of AFC aircraft tabbed …$30$2710%
10401955 (30th Nov) 2/- Olympic Games green "First Day Card" reg'd Georgetown & addressed to George Town Sports Store x 2. Issue details on r…$30$2710%
10482007 (16th Jan) Ashes "Howzat" Aust Wins the Ashes Cricket $1 PNC First Day Cover. Numbered 2864 of 8000. Exc cond. These retail at $175 …$50$4510%
10552016 Perth Stamp & Coin Show steel printing plates used for the official PNC overprint. Each has different dates due to the last minute c…$30$2710%
10621851/55 2d Laureate in 3 shades. All fine used with 4 margins. Cat. £100+ (3)$30$2710%
10631853 8d orange-yellow Laureate. Good used with 4 margins. Tiny thin spot & heavyish cancel otherwise fine with conservative reserve. SG 8…$100$9010%
10641854/59 6d fawn diadem with wmk "8". Clear 4 margins & fine used with neat oval "N.S.W." cancel. SG 93a, Cat. £110$40$3610%
10651854/59 6d greyish brown diadem with wmk "8". Fine used with 4 clear, even margins. SG 96a, Cat. £110$40$3610%
10671860/63 6d rose-red & pale blue with wmk "6". Mint without gum with odd blunt perf. A good buy at this reserve. SG 127, Cat. £300 for MLH$50$4510%
10691879/85 9d on 10d "OS" official ovpt. Couple of blunt perfs & heavy cancel otherwise fine. A scarce stamp. SG 011, Cat. £900$140$12610%
1070Queen Victoria "Impressed Duty" selection of 55 different to £500 (no 9d, 2/6d, 6/- or £12-£15 range). All MLH with large part origina…$1500$135010%
10731895/1903 1d green QV perf. 13. Two used examples with gross over-inking leaving white spot on QV cheek the only part of portrait un-inke…$20$1525%
10741871/78 3d pale red brown (SG 146), 1899/1900 4d, 5d & 6d pictorials all M/M. 6d with small thin otherwise free of stains or other faults…$25$2020%
10751860/63 2d grey violet with emblem wmk, single lined "2" MLH. Nibbled perfs at right reflected in reserve. SG 101b, Cat. £275$40$3610%
10771863/73 2d grey with wmk "4". MLH but small thin. SG 127, Cat. £225$40$3610%
10791895/96 5/- Postage Due. Centered high right otherwise fresh MLH. A difficult stamp. SG D20, Cat. $325$50$4510%
10811917 Railways Wings die proof colour trial in dull blue-green on gummed paper. Fresh MUH. Only two each of colour produced hence extremel…$400$36010%
10821966 Definitive set 12 to $1 Mock Sun in Japanese pres pack plus standard Australian pack. Excellent unopened condition. Retails $150+ (2)$30$2710%
10831966 Definitives set of 12 to $1 Mock Sun x 14 MUH sets & 3 pres packs. SG 8/18 Retail $1200+ (17 sets)$200$18010%
10902011 WWF M/S ovptd "Congratulations Queensland Cricket Sheffield Shield Winners 2011-2012" in gold but with a massive double print error …$40$3610%
10912013 Antarctic Expedition "Disaster & Isolation" imperforate corner block of 4 M/S's with Sprintpak printers imprint colour bars. MUH SG …$60$5410%
1116NWPI 1918 £1 chocolate & milky blue kangaroo, 3rd wmk with "N.W.P.I." type C ovpt. "Break in right frame 10mm from top" variety. Fine us…$1000$85015%
11181966 2c Net Fishing positional block of 10 from top of sheet showing the full Plate Nº. 1. Fresh MUH. Rarely seen. SG 66var.$200$18010%
11191968 2c Net Fishing with "REPUBLIC OF NAURU" ovpt positional block of 10 from base of sheet with imprint showing full Plate Nº 1. Fine M…$200$18010%
11231901/05 ½d black & green Lakatoi on thick paper, wmk vertical. Fresh MUH block of 4. SG 9$80$7210%
11251931 Pictorials to 10/-. All MLH & well centred. SG 130/44, Cat. £275 (15)$90$67.525%
11261932 Pictorials to £1 used with some CTO in the mid vals. Perfs faults on ½d, 4d, 9d & 2/-. SG 130/45 Cat. £450$180$14420%
11281969 South Pacific Games "Souvenir Booklet" complete with the set of 3 inside cancelled with a pictorial cds for 13 AUG 1969. First of it…$20$1810%
11611840 2d pale blue with 4 margins (close at right). Slightly smudged intense red Maltese Cross cancel. Lettered AI. SG 6 Cat. £1000$120$10810%
11621841 2d blue with the scarce Dublin Maltese Cross postmark. 3 margin example cut into at top but lovely strike. SG Spec. E1uh Cat. £700$90$8110%
11661864/79 1d rose-red massively mis-perforated resulting in "POSTAGE" appearing at base under "ONE PENNY" Good to fine used. An extreme exa…$25$22.510%
11671860 1½d rosy mauve which was prepared for use on blued paper but not issued. MLH, centred low. Good perforations & an ideal example of …$1500$120020%
11691847/54 6d purple embossed good used with BN "308" doubly struck. Wide margin at top, clear at left, touching at right & slightly cut int…$70$5620%
11701854 (20th Dec) 6d purple QV embossed (cut to shape) tied by barred numeral cancel on mourning env addressed to Gisborne, Victoria with c…$400$36010%
11711847/54 10d brown embossed, plate number not visible (Die I), with BN "8…" (second digit not clear). Cut to shape but a neat "budget ex…$20$1620%
11771867 9d pale straw, plate 4 tied to piece by bold BN 923 duplex of Worthing. Striking appearance. SG 111 Cat. £300$75$67.510%
11791867 1/- green, plate 6 marginal example with "PRICE" imprint. Superb used with crisp "Doncaster" cds. Most attractive. SG 117 Cat. £65+$75$67.510%
11861883 5/- rose on white paper. Superb used with "socked on the nose" Newmarket" cds dated OC 24 90. Most attractive with exc centering & c…$150$13510%
11871883 5/- rose on white paper. Superb used with "socked on the nose" Witham cds of 1900. Stunning. SG 180 Cat. £375$180$16210%
11901884 £1 brown lilac, three Imperial Crowns wmk good to fine used with indistinct Registered oval cancel. A couple of slightly short perf…$950$85510%
11911884 £1 brown lilac, three Imperial Crowns wmk with bold London duplex cancel. One pulled perf at base otherwise a sound example, well c…$1000$90010%
11951896 (22nd Feb) Indenture on vellum. Beautifully hand written with 2 wax seals & five lead frankings for £3 x2, £1 & 10/- plus the "Com…$30$2710%
11971902/10 £1 dull blue-green KEVII good to fine used by two strikes of "London 5PM NO 21 02" cds's. A couple of split perfs at top otherwi…$220$19810%
12021913 £1 dull blue-green Seahorse, Waterlow printing. Fine used with part indistinct cds. Centered left but good perfs & fine colour. Kno…$900$81010%
12121948 £1 Royal Silver Wedding bottom left marginal block of 4 showing "1." plate number with dot. Slight gum crease on margin & one unit …$150$13510%
12131952/54 QEII defin set of 17 with Tudor Crown wmk. MLH (SG 515/31, Cat. £100 as MUH). Also Ceylon KGVI 2¢ to R5 vals simplified (no 5¢…$20$1620%
12141966 4d Birds se-tenant block of 4 with "emerald-green omitted". Fresh MUH. A popular thematic error. SG 696af, Cat. £600$400$36010%
12181968 4d British Paintings with "vermillion (face & costume more yellow & olive) omitted" variety. Fine MUH. A scarce stamp. SG 775b Cat. …$450$40510%
12231970 1/- Rural Architecture with "new blue omitted". MUH. Incls normal for comparison. SG 817a, Cat. £150$100$9010%
12271983 15½p Salmon vertical imperforate pair with bottom selvedge. MUH with some light wear/creasing from the usual "pocket" transportatio…$1500$135010%
12281990's "West Glamorgan Scouts Christmas Post" cinderellas all used on addressed envs & cancelled by a variety of scout groups cachets inc…$75$67.510%
1232Officials Army Official ovpts for 1896-1903 complete. QV 6d is MLH with others used. KEVII 6d x 2 (both heavily cancelled) incl ½d blue …$150$12020%
1234Govt Parcels QV 1/- orange brown plate 14 with "no dot under T" variety. A repaired cut in left side not apparent from front. SG O64ca Ca…$50$4020%
1235O.W. Official ovpts on 1902/03 KEVII ½d, 1d, 2d & 2½d. All good to fine used. SG O36/09 Cat. £1485 (4)$180$14420%
1236Guernsey 2003 £5 Alphabet proof issue with silver omitted resulting in missing value & QEII head. Incls a 2 line inscription unlike the …$120$10810%
1237Isle of Man 2004 Operation Overlord - Imperial War Museum M/S's x 100 CTO with Douglas 6 AP 04 cds's. Useful for re-sale at this reserve.…$40$3610%
1241Antigua 1908/17 2½d blue (SG 46a), 1/- (SG 49) & 2/- (SG 50) all MLH, latter with toned gum. Total cat. £170$50$4020%
1242Ascension 1922 ½d to 3/- KGV ovptd set of 9. MVLH verging on MUH. SG 1-9, Cat. £325$220$19810%
1243Ascension 1938/53 ½d to 10/- KGVI pictorials perf. 13½ (13 vals) & again in perf. 13 (13 vals, no 1½d black & carmine) plus 1d to 2d (…$150$13510%
1245Austria 1858-1963 Fine used group comprising 1858 (1k05) lilac newspaper stamp plus 1863 dull lilac shade both with broad margins, c1860 …$250$22510%
1246Austria 1896 1g lilac & 2g green. Both fine MLH. SG 105/06, Cat. £140 (2)$40$3610%
1247Austria 1908/13 10k Accession Anniv. Fine MVLH. SG 206 Cat. £300$80$7210%
1249Austria 1925-30 Airs set of 20. Fresh MLH with 20g & 30g bistre MUH. 30g & 80g have minor perf faults. SG 616/35, Cat. £225 (20)$50$4510%
1250Austria 1929/31 Views set of 14 to 2s. Odd minor fault but largely fine MUH/MLH. SG 646-59, Cat. £175 (14)$40$3610%
1251Austria 1931 Austrian Writers set of 6. Fresh & fine MLH. SG 677/77, Cat. £140 (6)$40$3610%
1252Austria 1932 Views (excl 40g blue) to 64g. Fresh MLH. SG 678/85 & 687/91, Cat. £240 (13)$60$5410%
1255Austria 1934/36 2s Costume defin in both colours. MLH. SG 734/35, Cat. £80 (2)$20$1810%
1257Austria 1956 Schubert imperf die proof essay in grey on card signed by artist G. Wimmer showing profile of Franz Schubert. A rare item & …$100$8020%
1258Austria 1956 as above but showing the profile of Mozart & in olive, blue, black & claret die proofs also on cards each signed by G. Wimme…$300$24020%
1259Barbados 1905 ¼d, ½d, 2½d & 6d Badge MCA vals. MLH/MH. SG 135, 136, 139 & 141, Cat. £100 (4)$30$2420%
1264Belgium 1849/50 40¢ Medallions with wmk "LL" in frame. Good used with 3 clear margins, just touching on fourth. SG 5, Cat. £750$100$9010%
1265Belgium 1865 1f Leopold I, perf. 14. Fine used example with strong colour. SG 25, Cat. £160$40$3610%
1266Belgium 1866 Small Lion's with 1¢ perf. 15, 2¢ perf. 14½x14 & 5¢ tied to small piece all fine used. SG 41, 43 & 45, Cat. £280 (3)$50$4510%
1267Belgium 1911 " CHARLEROI 1911" Exhib ovpts with tabs. All fine used & attractive. SG 125/32, Cat. £95$25$22.510%
1268Belgium 1915/22 5f Franken. Centered slightly left, MLH. SG 193, Cat. £600$120$10810%
1269Belgium 1918 Red Cross Fund surcharges to 2f + 2f. MUH/MLH with 2¢ + 2¢ to 25¢ + 25¢ unused. SG 222/33, Cat. £320 (12)$80$7210%
1270Belgium 1919/20 Albert I set of 14 to 10f. 2f & 10f have hinge thins & 5f has pinhole. MLH with reasonable centering. SG 237/50, Cat. £1000$150$13510%
1271Belgium 1921/25 50¢ indigo King Albert sheetlet of 25. This was a trial printing sold at the 1921 Brussels Philatelic Exhib. CTO with Ex…$50$4510%
1272Belgium 1921/25 5f red-brown sheetlet of 4. This was a special printing sold only at the 1924 Brussels Philatelic Exhibition CTO with Exh…$80$7210%
1273Belgium 1922/27 5f & 10f King Albert defin. Fine MUH. SG 372/73, Cat. £175 for MLH$80$7210%
1274Belgium 1949 Social & Cultural Funds M/S's. SG MS1260 has few light finger marks on gum & SG MS1261 has minor crease otherwise fine MUH. …$100$9010%
1275Belgium 1954 Political Prisoners Monument Fund. Fresh MLH. SG 1531/33, Cat. £140 as MUH$30$2710%
1276Belgium 2012 Titanic 3D issue in special presentation pack complete with 3D glasses design around port-holes. 3D Image has lifeboat leavi…$20$1810%
1277Bermuda 1874 "THREE PENCE" on 1/- green QV with type 6a ovpt. Used with minor blemishes & a couple of shortish perfs. Both Friedl (1977) …$250$22510%
1278Bermuda 1938/53 12/6d grey & yellow KGVI on ordinary paper. Superb used with crisp cds & rich colour. BPA Cert (1963) for the then list…$300$27010%
1282British Guiana 1888/89 $4 green with "Inland Revenue 4 Dollars" in black. Fine used with good colour. A rare stamp. SG 188a (larger figur…$500$40020%
1288Canada 1908-1948 MUH/MLH group incl 1908 1¢ MUH (Cat. £32+), 1927 12¢ & 20¢, 1935 50¢, 1937/38 13¢ (small tear), 20¢ & 6¢ Air & 1…$75$6020%
1291Canada-Newfoundland 1919 1c to 36c Caribou set with shades of 2c, 3c & 4c. Fine MLH. SG 130/41 & 131a-33a, Cat £230 (15)$150$13510%
1294Canada-Newfoundland 1928/29 1c to 30c Publicity set of 15 in De La Rue printing. Fine MLH. SG 164/78, Cat. £140$80$7210%
1295Canada-Newfoundland 1931 15c to $1 Air sets with & without watermarks. Fresh MLH. SG 192/97, Cat. £195$140$12610%
1296Canada-Newfoundland 1932 1c to 30c Definitives set of 12. Fine MLH with 25c & 30c MVLH. SG 209/20, Cat. £80$40$3610%
1297Ceylon 1857/59 1d blue (thinned), 2d yellow green (2 margins), 6d purple brown x 2 but one faded with close margins & 1/- pale violet (th…$40$3220%
1304Curacao 1923 5g Queen's Silver Jubilee. Fine used. SG 104, Cat. £375$120$10810%
1309Cyprus 1921/23 10pi KGV used (SG 85, Cat. £18), 2½pi & 18pi KGVI & QEII 250mils & 500mils MLH (SG 185/86, Cat. £54 as MUH) plus 1985 …$25$2020%
1310Cyprus 1960 QEII ovpts complete set of 15 to £1. Fresh MLH. SG 188/202, Cat. £130 as MUH$40$3220%
1311Egypt 1949 Agricultural & Ind Expo M/S pairs x 3. MUH. Also CiTEX illust PSE with additional 2m & 30m uncancelled with4 Exhib cinderellas…$20$1620%
1315Falkland Is 1938/50 ½d to 2/6d KGVI. MLH with a couple of low vals with even gum toning. SG 146/160, Cat. £160 as MUH (15)$20$1620%
1316Falkland Island Deps 1944/45 KGVI Pictorials with Graham Land, South Orkneys, South Georgia & South Shetlands ovpts complete for each of …$120$10810%
1320France 1853 1f carmine Napoleon imperf with four even margins. Lightly used but a couple of small thins. An opportunity to pick up a pres…$900$81010%
1321France 1869 5f Napoleon. Used with "2240" numeral cancel. A couple of short perfs at left but well centered with good colour. Mi. 32 type…$400$36010%
1327French Southern & Antarctic 1975 40¢ Antarctic Tern, 50¢ Antarctic Petrel & 1f20 Kerguelen cormorant imperforate colour trial strips wi…$250$22510%
1341Germany-Berlin 1951 20pf Lortzing (Berlin B74, Cat £75 MLH) & DDR 8pf (1952) with same composer. Also Austria 1969 Centenary of State Op…$20$1620%
1342Germany-West 1949 UPU (SG 1038, cat. £55), 1950 Bach (faults), 1952 Otto (toned), 1953 Liebig, Rontgen, 1952 Schurz & 1955 Relief Fund s…$50$4020%
1344Germany-West 1954/60 50pf Heuss Fresh MUH & the key value. SG 1115, Cat. £250$60$5410%
1347Gibraltar 1886/87 4d orange brown, 1889/96 20¢ (SG 24), 1898 1d carmine & 6d all MLH plus 1938/51 6d perf. 13½ mint without gum. Total …$50$4020%
1353Hong Kong 1904/06 30¢, 50¢ & $1 KEVII, 1912/21 25¢ KGV type A, 1921/37 8¢ (unused), 12¢ & $1 & Silver Jubilee set plus 25¢ KGVI MLH…$90$7220%
1355Hong Kong 1949 UPU set of 4 with 20¢ & 30¢ MLH & others MUH. SG 173/76, Cat. £65$20$1810%
1357Hong Kong 1962/73 $5 QEII on glazed paper with inverted wmk. Fine MUH. SG 208cw, Cat. £70$70$6310%
1361India 1866/77 8a "Service." ovpt. MUH with somewhat uneven gum distribution. SG 05, Cat. £55$20$1810%
1364India 1969 (2nd Oct) Gandhi Centenary commem illust stamp booklet issued by Indian Posts & Telegraphs with 4 issues pmkd Bombay GPO in ce…$25$22.510%
1365Israel 1963 Hebrew Press-Halbanon sheetlet of 16 MUH. SG 260a Cat. £140$20$1810%
1367Madagascar 1896 15¢ on 2¢ Peace & Commerce. Fine used with March 1896 cds. Centered low right otherwise fine. SG 30, Cat. £1100 (1)$200$18010%
1369Madagascar 1943 1f25 Air with "FRANCE LIBRE" ovpt. Fine MLH. SG 246, Cat. £140$50$4510%
1374Malaysia - Sungei Ujong 1883/84 2¢ pale rose with ovpt setting 16 + 21 & 2¢ brown with ovpt setting 12 + 20. Both without gum. SG 30 & …$40$3220%
1375Malta 1882 ½d orange yellow (horizontal bend & toned gum), 1899/1901 5d (MH) & 1926 5/- "Postage" ovpt MLH. Total cat. £100 (3)$20$1620%
1379Netherlands 1867/69 5¢ King William type II (no gum, rough perfs, SG £170 as MLH), 15¢ type I perf. 12½x12 mint (SG 13, Cat. £900), …$500$40020%
1381Netherlands 1896 5g red brown & bronze green Wilhelmina fine used by thick cds. Mi. 48c, Cat. €480, SG 165, Cat. £650 $250$22510%
1382Netherlands 1913 10g Centenary with neat central Rotterdam cds. Mi. 92b, Cat. €950, SG 225, Cat. £1100$700$63010%
1383Netherlands 1923 2½g black Accession fine used. Mi. 132, Cat. €350, SG 268,Cat. £350$160$14410%
1385Netherlands 1923 5g blue Accession fine used. Mi. 133, Cat. €280, SG 269, Cat. £300$140$12610%
1386Netherlands 1942 1942 Legion M/S's pair. Two minor tone spots on 7½¢ & small thin in margin otherwise MUH & scarce thus. SG MS569a/b Ca…$100$9010%
1387Netherlands 1946/47 1g to 10g Queen Wilhelmina. Fine used. SG 616/19 Cat £120+$60$5410%
1388Netherlands 1946/47 1g to 10g Queen Wilhelmina. Fresh MUH. SG 616/19 Cat £675$300$27010%
1389Netherlands 1949/51 5g Queen Juliana. plate I. MVLH. SG 700, Cat. £800 as MUH$120$10810%
1390Netherlands 1951 15g & 25g Gull Airs. MVLH with 25g verging on MUH. SG 742/43 Cat £900 as MUH$150$13510%
1397New Zealand 1915 (9th Nov) cover bearing 1d Dominion tied by 3 ring Chatham Islands cds. Addressed to USA with 3 line "Passed by the Mili…$200$16020%
1401New Zealand 1931 Airs incl 5d surcharge (centred left) & 1934 7d Trans Tasman top selvedge example. Superb MUH group. SG 548/551 & 554 Ca…$250$20020%
1403New Zealand 1935 2½d chocolate & blue experimental (wet) printing, perf. 13½x14 . Top left marginal block of 23 (3x7 rows & pair) showi…$350$28020%
1404New Zealand 1935 3/- Mt Egmont single wmk, plate 1 corner block. 2 small thins in selvedge but stamps fresh MUH. CP L14b, Cat. NZ$775 (1998)$300$24020%
1405New Zealand 1936 1d Kiwi, Die I block perf. 13½x14 ovptd "Official". One unit with light tone spot. MUH/MLH & well centred. CP L02b, Cat…$300$24020%
1406New Zealand 1936 1½d Maori Cooking, multiple wmk, in MUH/MLH block of 20 in 5x4 with lower selvedge format. SG 579, Cat. £360$300$24020%
1407New Zealand 1936/42 4d black & sepia perf. 12½ line plate 3 corner block of 4. Fresh MUH/MLH. SG 583b, CP L7d, Cat. NZ$225 (1998)$150$12020%
1408New Zealand 1936/42 2/- olive Cook perf. 13½x14 with "CAPTAIN COQK" variety -state III with comma below "W" & line through jacket of mid…$150$13510%
1411New Zealand 1941 3/- Mt Egmont, perf. 12½, wartime issue plate 1 corner block of 4. Fine MUH/MLH. CP L14e, Cat. NZ$750 (1998)$280$22420%
1417North Borneo 1904/05 4¢ on 12¢ & 4¢ on $2 MLH, 1945 BMA ovpts to $5 F/U & Labuan ovpts on 1¢ & 3¢ F/U (SG 62 & 64). All fine. Total …$70$5620%
1420Northern Rhodesia 1937 Coronation (3) & KGVI defins used to 5/- in all colours. Majority F/U. SG 22/24 & 25/35 Cat. £85 (22)$20$1620%
1424Poland 1938 Warsaw Philatelic Exhibition perfd M/S. MUH & rarely seen as thus. SG 335a Cat. £110 as MLH$250$22510%
1426Romania1924 opened-out registered cover addressed to the famous Australian singer Gladys Moncrieff c/- J.C. Williamson Ltd in Sydney with…$60$4820%
1431Sarawak 1895 2c to 8c Brooke set of 4. 4c with fluffy perfs to right. MLH. SG 28/31 Cat £90$60$5410%
1436South Africa 1926/27 6d green & orange bilingual pair with watermark inverted. Fresh MUH. SG 32w, Cat. £70.$50$4510%
1437South Africa 1933/48 6d green & vermilion bilingual pair with "Molehill" variety. Fine MUH. SG 61b, Cat. £250$180$16210%
1438South Africa 1967/71 4¢ Postage Dues in both types. Fine MUH. SG D63/64, Cat. £65$20$1810%
1440South Africa-Cape of Good Hope 1900 Mafeking Siege ovpts selection fine used & all appearing to be used during the siege period from 23rd…$300$27010%
1441South West Africa 1927/30 2d, 3d, 4d & 1/- "S.W.A." ovptd Pictorials in bilingual pairs, perf. 14x13½. MLH. SG 60c, 61b, 62b & 64b, Cat …$90$8110%
1445Southern Rhodesia 1924/29 1½d bistre-brown KGV Admiral imperforate at top between stamp & gutter margin. MLH SG 3b var., Cat. £8000 for…$150$13510%
1446Southern Rhodesia 1931/37 ½d to 5/- KGV including all perfs. 5/- mint no gum otherwise mostly fine to very mint MLH. Seldom offered comp…$400$36010%
1447Southern Rhodesia 1937 KGVI to 5/- MVLH (evenly toned), 1954 QEII to £1 also MVLH & Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954/56 QEII to £1 MVLH. All c…$50$4020%
1449Saint Lucia 1883/86 ½d to 1/- QV set, 1886/87 3d & 6d Die I, 1897/98 1d (2), 2d, 3s, 1/-, 5/- & 10/- Die II, 1891/92 ½d on 3d, ½d on h…$350$31510%
1451Switzerland 1850/52 Rayon I, II & III good to fine used each with 3 or 4 margins. All presentable with rich original colours. SG 10,13 &2…$150$13510%
1460Tanganyika 1922/24 £1 black & orange giraffe with wmk sideways. Fine used with neat corner cds. A couple of shortish perfs. SG 88, Cat. …$150$12020%
1463Tonga 1923/24 2d surcharges (excl 2d on 2/-). All MLH with 2d on 5d slightly oxidised & 2d on 2/6d is centred left otherwise fine. SG 64/…$40$3610%
1464Tonga 1984 Leaders of the World 1c, 15c, 50c & $1 cars imperforate progressive colour proofs in Format International Security Printers pr…$30$2710%
1465USA 1870/71 Stanton 7c vermilion 'H' grill pair fine used with nearly complete strike of "H" within circle cancel (Weiss no.RE-L3). The o…$350$31510%
1467USA 1927 10¢ Lindbergh Airmail in Plate No. F 19008 block of 6. Fine MUH. Scott C10, Cat. US$120$30$2710%
1468USA 1927 10¢ Lindbergh Airmail booklet pane of 3. Fresh MUH. Scott Cat. US$115$40$3610%
1469USA 1928 5¢ carmine & blue Airmail plate block of 6 with plate inscription "TOP F 19694 (in blue) F19699" in carmine. Fresh MUH. Scott C…$20$1810%
1472USA 1938 Presidential set in plate blocks of 4 to $1 plus 1954 $1 shade corner block, $2 block & single of $1 & $5 (latter damaged corner…$80$7210%
1474USA 1940 Famous Americans sets of 35 in blocks of 4 & 2 single sets. All fresh MUH SG 856/90 Cat. £210+$50$4510%
1475USA 1977 $1 booklet x 10 all with 13¢ x 7 plus 9¢ x1. Scott Cat. 1623a pane (10)$25$22.510%
1477Vatican City 1929 Papal Tiara & Pope Pius defins & Express complete set of 15, 1931 PD's & 1949 UPU pair all fine used. Mi 1/15, P1/6, 16…$80$7210%
1478Vatican City 1933 Pope Pius defin set of 18 incl Express (Mi. 21/38) all MLH plus 1949 Basilicas, 1951 Pius X, Chacedon Anniv (60l minor …$120$10810%
1479Vatican City 1935 Juridical Congress set of 6. Fine MUH. Mi. 145/50, Cat. €800, SG 41/46, Cat. £300$350$31510%
1480Zanzibar 1926/30 3c Postage Due vertical pair with upper unit having the "cent.s" for "cents" variety. Unused as issued. SG D3/3a Cat. £165$100$9010%